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Adult Zumba Pricing

Month-to-Month Members

$32/month for (up to) 3 Zumba classes per week 

Kids Dance Pricing

Year-to-Year  Members (excluding July)

$55/month for 4 dance classes per month*

$75/month for 8 dance classes per month*

$95/month for 12 dance classes per month*
* A month is defined as a 4-week period


2023 Summer Dance Camp

8/1, 8/4, 8/8, and 8/11 (9am to noon each day/inquire for early drop off)

$90 per dancer

Activities Include: Water ballon fight, singing/acting, dance videos, snacks, themed dress up days, dance technique and mini-routines, and performance for parents to see 

Press "Contact Us" and ask for dance camp

Kids' dance season is a year, September through August, with the exception of July. FITnesse dancers commit to a year at a time. However, tuition is charged on the 1st of the month in monthly payments. Zumba members are month-to-month and can cancel for the upcoming months by emailing by 11:59pm by the last day of the month to avoid future charges. Rates subject to increase at any time, and 30-day notice will be provided before any changes occur.