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Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Zumba


Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Zumba

Did you know that Zumba isn't just helpful for physical health? It's also a great way to increase mental health and a feeling of social and emotional connection with the community.


Physical Health of Zumba

Studies have shown that for adults with diabetes or pre-diabetes, taking a series of regular Zumba classes increased their positive health outcomes overall. There is also increased cardiovascular fitness amongst Zumba participants. However, just as importantly, Zumba has also been shown to increase people's overall levels of intrinsic motivation for long-term change and wellness.

Mental Health Benefits of Zumba

What is intrinsic motivation? Intrinsic motivation is the internal motivation one may have to create change - regardless of any outward rewards or praise for it. When a person has an intrinsic desire to lead a healthy life, it is more likely that they will stick with this plan long-term. 

What Does This Mean?

In the study of individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes who participated in Zumba, a high portion of them showed a genuine desire for change and dedication to long-term health. Why did they have increased long-term motivation? Well, it's impossible to know the exact reasons, but it's likely that Zumba allowed them to connect with their bodies, their minds, and their overall community in a way that encouraged long-term dedication. 

Zumba is a great way to encourage your physical health and mental health. Interested in signing up for Zumba classes in Massachusetts? Get in touch with us at FITnesse Dance Center today to talk about enrollment. 



FITnesse Dance Center offers both Zumba Classes for Adults & Dance Classes for Kids led by instructors who have professional training in each discipline. We don't think Zumba and dance should just be "add-ons" tossed in with a general gym membership. At FITnesse, we focus specifically on these disciplines to help you become stronger and healthier through the art of dance. 

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